My 29th Birthday Party in Brazil

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Celebrating my 29th birthday this year of 2014 in Brazil with special people and family is priceless. What a positive energy! Speechless…

Lunch and BBQ was organized by my stepfather Patrício and my beloved mother Claudia. The crowd of the samba, I would like to thank Brazil (My stepfather’s Brother) for all the support and affection. Thanks also to my aunt Daniela, Isadora and Samuka for helping me with the preparations.

Anyway, thank you all for support and caring. Thank you for this day that enriched with happiness of presence of all. Made me very happy! Surely the greatest gift was the presence of all the friends and family.

P.s. Dear husband I so wish you were here but, you’re always on my mind.

my 29th birthday party joyce anne granger


minha festa de 29 anos joyce anne granger

My Mom. My best friend! My everything!

my birthday in brazil meu aniversario no Brasil

Mother and Sister. I love you guys!

blog she loves glam

My aunt Rose and my cousin Claudio.

happy birthday Joyce granger

b-day joyce anne grangerIMG_1704

aniversario de 29 anos

My best friend and brother Samuka…

my birthday party in Brazil joyce anne granger

My aunt and also friend. Today and always.

birthday girl

Isadora always pretty and polite.

b-day joyce anne granger

Family and friends for all life!

b-day joyce anne granger

Sweets! Sweeta! Sweets!

naked cake b-day joyce anne granger

OMG! 29 years passed. The time flies!

b-day joyce anne granger

No matter what happened or what could happen in my life, I’ll always have this beautiful and healthy smile that God gave me.

she loves glam blog

Dear cousin Gabrielly and uncle Anderson and Elias.

b-day joyce anne granger

Donilo, sister, and Lu!

joyce anne granger b-day joyce anne granger

Victor Emanuel, Samuka e Emanuel. I love you guys!

joyce anne granger b-day

Positive energy and love!

joyce anne granger aniversario

My everything!

joyce anne granger b-day

Happiness and Fun!

joyce anne granger b-day

My creation!

bolo pelado inspiracao

Peace and love today and always!

feliz aniversario Joyce Anne Happy birthday to you Joyce

P. s. Also, I would like to share photos of my ”Naked Cake.” The filling was made by white chocolate and decorated with fruits. Made and decoraded by myself. All the guests liked. It was delicous! Wow! (laughs).

naked cake

”I believe that with love and positive energy can concour the world!” 

Thanks again for the presence of all! XOXO

My First 5K Experience | Yes, it’s possible

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Proudly, I want to tell you all about my amazing 5K experience that I ran here in Florida. I have to say on the race day I was very nervous and anxious. Anyway, it was my first 5k ever, but after training 100% I was ready… maybe I was not mentally prepared, but in my heart I was prepared for another goal…

Minha Experiência na Corrida de 5km | Sim, é possível. Edison festival of lights 5k

Sun, warmth, and a wonderful temperature for a race.

corrida de rua na florida - 5k

I started the race well behind, clock and ipod were all set and the race began. The music helped me a lot, but I confess that the energy of the crowd surely was more contagious. In the first mile I thought my God why I signed up for this race… I’m tired, I’ll stop… But seeing older folks, mothers, fathers, and children running very excited it gave me strength to continue my race. I didn’t race for competition, I felt like a huge team running for a great cause.

My First 5K Experience | Yes, it's possible

One note: ”Never give up!”

My First 5K Experience - edison festival of lights 5k

More than 1,400 people ran the 5k race of Edison Festival of Lights on February 15th 2014.

5k race - corrida de rua

Everybody was in search of fun, hobby, be better, set new goals, and the most important have a better healthy lifestyle.

corrida de rua nos estados unidos

In faith of Jesus I finished the race on my time and limit that I was training. What a wonderful sensation.

joyce anne joyce granger 5k race

I was so tired when I crossed the finish line, but it sure was a wonderful feeling. Mission accomplished.

joyce granger - minha primeira corrida

Edison 5k Kenyan winner finished the race in 14:54… That’s a WOW!

edison festival of lights 5k - fort myers fl

I’m so proud of myself. This is wonderful!

my first 5k race - so proud of myself

The first one for my collection.

edison 5k race

My comfortable running gear.

running womens gear - look para corrida

I finished the 5k race without stopping in 29:35 according to my chip time. If I was proud of myself? Of course yes! If was worth it? Sure. It was! If I need to improve? Yes, I do! I’m always striving to improve and setting new goals. Below, you can see my results and timing.

5k results - como alcancar menos de 30 minutos em uma corrida de 5km

P.s. I would like to thank my dear husband for always be on my side. To my brother-in-law Ray for taking the photos (Thanks!). Even my father-in-law Ron for the support. My mother, family and friends that are always present in my life. Love you all!

P.s.1 I did not take pictures, but after the race we went to a Mexican restaurant and literally I ate too much. After a 5k race what I needed most was food.

P.s.2. The post-race is the best feeling in the world! I hit my goal, overcome my limits and went beyond anything I would ever imagined. WOW! First race of my life. And many surely yet to come, God willing.

” Whenever you set a goal, think it done.”

Edson Rufo

Preparing to Run my first 5k Race

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I never imagined I would be a runner or even participate in one 5k race. I ran a lot when I was a teenager when I used to play with my brothers and cousins​​. On the other hand,  I always read articles about the benefits of participating in charity races, but never got interested in participating. I got married and moved to the U.S. I changed my routine from sedentary to a active lifestyle, and when he saw my interest my husband gave me a lot of support to start running. I thought why not? Very excited I bought new running shoes and running clothes, and the fun had just begun.

The benefits of running are numerous, but like any physical activity, if not practiced correctly, can cause problems in the body. The causes for injuries are a combination of factors, but the main reason is the increase in exercise load abruptly. See a doctor.

Preparação para a minha primeira corrida de 5km

I started running slowly, one day I ran 5 minutes the other day I ran 10 minutes without stopping and speeded progressively without rush and with focus. I always stretch before and after running to prevent injuries.

Preparing to Run my first 5k Race

Before my running routine, I always eat before, for example one fruit, nuts and peanuts and take water to maintain constant blood glucose. After my run, 30 minutes after I drink a delicious smoothie and eat PBJ. (Peanut butter and jelly sandwich).

5k Race

Seek guidance for nutritional meal planning when starting any sports practice is very important. The meal plan will be according to your weight, age, height, eating habits, laboratory and sports. If not, do your researchers on the internet.

treino para corrida 5km

Run at home, at the gym, or the streets, enjoy the green of nature, listen to my favorite songs, providing peace, that is priceless. Praise to Lord every day.

training 5k

Running reduces stress, burns calories, slims, tones muscles, improves sleep, improves mood, accelerates metabolism, stimulates the libido, combat diseases, provides energy, and certainly will make you very very HAPPY.

joyce anne granger

This is my favorite type of running gear. Sports Bra by Vs Sports, shorts, a nice pair of asics gel, sunglasses, my run cap, and of course my ipod.

look para correr running gear

The secret of a great running is to be hydrated, drink plenty water before and after you running.

drink lots water / beber bastante agua antes e depois da corrida

P.s. If you do not have encouragement or motivation to run or even work out, I invite you to try it. Walking, jogging, dancing, or swimming, Doesn’t matter what type of exercise. Create new goals, be yourself, be your own motivation. “Unmotivated could not expend enough energy for any activity. Motivated people, not only do make the exercises more easily, as we have more pleasure and results.”

P.s. So this weekend, I’ll tie my new running shoes for my first 5K race. Yeahhh! I’m very excited… I promise to come back and tell my experience to you all.

Shopping for Bridesmaid Dresses at David’s Bridal in Florida

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The first store that I visited today was at David’s Bridal in Florida. Very nice place to get the perfect bridesmaid dresses. I tried on bridesmaid dresses for my sister’s wedding that is coming up in a couple months. Yes! My sister is getting married and I’m very happy and excited for her. I still have no idea what I’ll wear, but I have to say that I enjoyed myself today trying on bridesmaid dresses.

The saleswoman was very nice and polite. She took this amazing pictures of some my favorite dresses that I liked the most.

Experimentando vestidos de madrinha na David's Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses at David's Bridal in Florida Joyce Anne Granger

David's Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses

This month is going to be fun trying on bridesmaid dresses for my sister wedding and also I’m on vacation. I have to say, I can’t wait to arrive in Brazil!

Our beautiful Christmas Tree Decorated with Lights and Love…

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OMG! It’s Christmas time already! How fast this year went by, did he? Wow! But come on! I want to show you all my dear readers, family and dear friends, my beautiful Christmas Tree decorated with love for this beautiful and blessed year of 2013.

I have to say that I’ve never been a fan of Christmas in Brazil. I always cried. I always had some reason to cry… the reasons? Because, the absence of my father, or later  on because missing my to beloved brothers… But as God always has wonderful plans for me and you (too), I moved to the U.S. and thanks to him I have a small, but very happy and healthy family.

Now, I’m completely in love with Christmas and I love to decorate the house for our Christmas. Recently I took some pictures of my beautiful Christmas Tree decorated. This post is specially to my lovely mom Claudia. Someday I hope we’ll be together for Christmas again here in the U.S, God will provide. Oh, and also my dear sister Dalete. I love you all!

Nossa árvore de Natal 2013

This year I decided to decorate our Christmas Tree with gold theme. The result couldn’t be better. I love it!

christmas time - blog she loves glam

My beautiful Sissinha in her little bed by her favorite spot in the house, the fireplace.

beautiful christmas tree

My beautiful Honinha! I love you babe!

arvore de natal 2013 - she loves glam

feliz natal - merry christmas - blog she loves glam

If this year you had lost a loved one. You’re not well financially. You’re single (a). Unhappy. Don’t worry, because, if you have faith in God you have everything in life. May you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy NEW YEAR full of many accomplishments, health, happiness, kindness, love, peace, and much wisdom. And if life gives you reasons not to be happy, ignore, and be happy anyways! Always think positive and battle that everything will work out for you in this new year that is coming.

Now, let’s all celebrate the birth of  Jesus with hope and joy!

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